Used Auto Parts NYC – Transforming Vehicles from Junky to Hunky

Used Auto Parts NYC – Transforming Vehicles from Junky to Hunky

Watching Pimp my Ride probably costs American car nuts millions of dollars annually. Unless you have a healthy bankroll, supping-up your car needs to be done on a dime. If your wallet is less like Heidi Fleiss and more like the neighborhood hobo, let NYC Auto Salvage and Glass help you pimp your ride.

From body panels to transmissions and engines to headlights, we’ve got you covered. We have a well-run, organized establishment stocked full of used, high quality auto parts from cars and trucks new and old, common and rare. If you want a head-turning rig but your ride is less than stellar, you should start under the hood.

Make sure your ride is tuned up and all non-functioning parts are replaced. Swap out spark plugs and filters and make sure all of your fluids are filled properly. Once your car is in good mechanical running order, start repairing the interior.

Fix broken AC vents, consoles, ash trays and glove compartments. Find replacement covers for lights and replaces burned out fuses. We can hook you up with new seats, steering wheels and more for your car’s interior. Installing a thumpin’ sound system, super chargers and other extras should come next.

Once your motor is running great and the interior is fixed up, it’s time for the fun part: body work. Pop out dents, change out irreparably damaged body panels and prep for a new custom paint job. Once your car is painted, you may want to replace mirrors, tint your auto glass, replaced cracked windshields, etc. Before you know it, your car will be everything you want it to be and more.

Call New York City Auto Salvage and Glass at 718-297-9797 to find the replacement parts, interior parts, replacement mirrors and glass and more that you need. Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter to receive discount offers and read our customer feedback.

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