How to dispose your junk car

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Anyone that has a junk car should be looking for ways they can possibly dispose of these types of vehicles. Getting rid of these cars is much easier than one would assume. All that you have to do is connect with the New York Auto parts company that is in search of the various auto parts on a car that is salvaged.

Getting Money For Parts

It is easy to assume that cars are worthless if the vehicles are not running. This is not true. Auto repair is made possible through junk cars that have spare parts. There are a number of companies that look for the junk parts that can be painted and restored for other cars that are in need of auto repairs. There are a plethora of auto repair companies that need these types of junk car parts to make repairs and save customers money.

Get Rid Of Cars That Do Not Run

A car that is not functional can be a real waste of space in your driveway. It is important for shops to have access to junk parts from older cars that may not be made anymore. Cars can be towed to different shops and sold. It is easy to assume that the car is worthless because it cannot be driven, but that is not always the case. There are a lot repair shops in New York that have a need for New York Auto parts because there are tons residents in the city.

Auto parts can be expensive, but people that are able to find companies that have used parts from salvaged cars can get great deals. This is why you should always consider selling your junk cars. There are a number of companies that can benefit from these vehicles, and you can get paid as a result of this.

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Getting Your Car Ready for Spring

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Spring is a new season that comes with new responsibilities. Know what is currently wrong with your car and fix any damages that you find. Here are a few tips to prepare the vehicle for Spring.

Get a Maintenance Checkup

Get a post-winter maintenance checkup before the season arrives. Getting a maintenance checkup is recommended to know all of the new problems that your car now has.

The first step is to inspect and maintain the tires. Have the tires inflated if the pressure has decreased due to low temperatures. Inspect the tires for holes or tears and rotate them if necessary. When it gets too cold, your fluids freeze, so have all of your fluids refilled.

Get Repairs Done

Make repairs as soon as problems are found. Fixing a dead battery is a typical auto repair that is made once winter ends. During winter, the freezing temperatures may have damaged some of your auto parts, resulting in newly formed cracks and leaks. One common problem is a cracked windshield that worsens if the crack freezes and expands.

Replace Old Parts

Remove junk parts that are rusted, cracked or damaged. Sell them to companies that specialize in dealing with junk cars. This is important when the repairs get too expensive to fix. Making a replacement is more expensive, but it will remain strong and intact for years to come.

There are certain things to do to prepare your car for Spring. When you have auto parts that are damaged beyond repair, go to a specialist who deals in junk parts and junk cars. Make any auto repair as necessary but also invest in maintenance. Have a professional check the windshield, engine or tires for damages. After a brutal season like winter, make sure that your car is ready for the next season.

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Auto parts; Why are used parts better than new cheap parts?

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Any running machine is subject to tear and wear. A car’s windshield wipers, brake pads and shoes, and airbags need to be replaced after sometime. You will experience noises from your vehicle when a particular part has been worn out or even broken. It is advisable to research the auto part before you repair or replace it.

Rather than buying a new auto part, it is always advisable to replace a worn out or broken part with a used part even if it is a bit more expensive than the new part. This is so because of:


An already used car part is easy to find as you know where to find it. New parts require a lot of research to find the best part to use. Old parts offer the simplicity of choosing an auto part.


An added advantage of using a used auto part is that you might get a genuine part. Genuine parts have your cars logo and are the most ideal as they are identical


A new product is not always guaranteed to be of good quality. Actually what makes most of the new parts to be cheap is that their quality is poor. You might replace an auto part with s new one and find out later that the auto part is not durable. A quality auto part will serve you for a longer period.


Used parts fit perfectly and do not have a crumple zone, that is, they have a controlled manner in which they crumble when a car crashes meaning they are safer after an accident.

Used parts are also environmental friendly.

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Determining the Value of Your Salvage Vehicle

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If you plan to purchase a vehicle with a salvage title, you have to make sure that you double check the appropriate value to ensure that you will be paying the right amount.

So for you to get the salvage value, you need to know what the market value. To compute, you have to know the present retail and trade-in value. Add the 2 figures and divide it into 2 so you will get the market value. For example, the retail value is $8000 and the trade-in value is $6000, that’s a total of $14,000. So the current market value is $7000.

Once you have computed the market value, it is now time to check the salvage value. Contact your insurance company for the percentage used for a salvage vehicle. It could only be an estimation of the price because every insurance company has its own computation, mostly about 75-80% of the current market value. Knowing the range will give you an idea if you are given the right price.

Using the market value of $7000 and 75%, the salvage value of your vehicle is $5250.

It could still change depending on the condition of your salvaged vehicle, like if it is still repairable or not. If you are looking for salvaged vehicle, you can visit New York City Auto Salvage & Glass for well inspected salvaged vehicles offered at reasonable costs.

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The Benefits of Salvage Yards

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Salvage yards are not scary. You can’t find a dead body or anything drastic inside. This isn’t a location for horror movies that will really drain your senses. Salvage yard is actually beneficial in several aspects. First and foremost, it is the best place to visit if you own a vehicle that is experiencing some technical problems yet you cannot find anything brand new to replace the faulty parts. Manufacturers stop producing particular parts for a vehicle after 10 years of release. Because of that, if you own an old vehicle, finding something that will work best for your vehicle, like how the old one used to, may be a hard thing to do. If that happens, visiting a salvage yard will work best on you. You can find great items that at very affordable rates.

Additionally, salvage yards help save the environment. Vehicles that are not appropriately disposed can extremely damage the environment. If brought in the salvage yard, you are guaranteed that they have ample knowledge how to get rid of the worthless parts and recycle those which can still be used.

Visit New York City Auto Salvage & Glass. We guarantee you that our wide selection of used parts will really help you find what will work best for your vehicle. We also ensure that we manage our business well and at the same time help save Mother Earth through our unsurpassable recycling methods.

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Old Parts from Salvage Yard

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Someone managed to break your old 1998 Nissan vehicle’s left side mirror. Unfortunately, you cannot find something similar to your remaining side mirror. You do not have the budget to replace both sides because of some urgent things that you need to invest your money on. You are technically broke but you cannot go to your office without your vehicle. Oh, yea! What a very horrible situation. But hey, you don’t need to spend several $$$ just to have your side mirror replaced. Check out New York City Auto Salvage & Glass for a perfect side mirror that matches your vehicle’s brand and make.

What is nice about visiting a salvage yard is that it is a perfect place to find old parts. Some old parts are no longer produced by the manufacturer after 10 years because mostly, people no longer need it. But some people feel attached to their old reliable vehicle that it gets quite hard to let go. Because of that, they get to find some issues about finding the right piece for their vehicle. But luckily, these may be found on salvage yards – a golden place for old vehicle enthusiasts.

These parts are thoroughly checked to ensure that these will work perfectly before selling. We at New York City Auto Salvage & Glass ensure that our skilled mechanics have assessed all the stuff that we sell as we value our clients’ satisfaction. Visit our yard now and we will guide you in finding that part that will appropriately work on your vehicle.

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