No Warranty? No Problem! Low Cost, Low Hassle Car Repairs with Discount Used Auto Parts in Queens

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Nothing seems hotter than a summer day in Queens. When the sun is beating down and there seems to be no breeze ever coming back, the last thing anyone wants is to climb into a car with no air conditioning. Even with the windows down, nothing will stop the sweltering heat from taking your day to a really bad place. With the summer on its way and the temperature already starting to climb, now is the time to check your car over to make sure it is ready for those road trips and inevitable traffic jams. Of course, if you are driving an older car that has outlived its warranty, or purchased your vehicle without one, you may be facing down some hefty charges for car repairs.

Fortunately, there is an alternative to draining your pockets at the dealer getting your car repaired. Whether you need a full overhaul of your air conditioning unit or just a replacement of a few simple parts to keep your car operating at peak efficiency, let New York City Auto Salvage and Glass be your source for high quality discount used auto parts.

Each of the used car parts we sell is in excellent condition despite being salvaged from junked cars. We stand behind this quality and assure you that we would never sell you a used car part to put on your vehicle that we wouldn’t willingly put on our own car. Choosing used parts for your auto repairs is about taking advantage of high quality, perfectly functional parts that are just waiting in the salvage yard. With the rest of the car junked, these parts are ready to be removed and used to make another vehicle a better, more comfortable and safer tool for its owner. In addition to the great quality of these parts, the savings that you can achieve when compared to the big box or superstores is truly astonishing. If your car is out of warranty, there really is no more economical way to get the replacement parts that you need.

Don’t let summer find you with a car that isn’t ready for the season. Call New York City Auto Salvage and Glass718-297-9797 — and let us help you find the parts that you need. For more information, don’t forget to Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter!

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NYC Auto Salvage Has Cheap Used Auto Parts For Sale, Junk A Car And Auto Glass Replacement Available

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If you live out of side of  NY State and need to purchase used auto parts at a cheap price and have it shipped right to your door.  We are now offering out of state shipping on most items. Our Auto Salvage Yard located in Jamaica Queens  is well known for many years now as the spot to buy used parts for a car or truck., we also replace your auto glass and windshields while you wait.

Windshields & Auto Glass Replacement Give Us A Call 718-297-9797

We stock most windshields and auto glass and what we do have we can have withing a few short hours. When it comes to auto glass and windshield repair the bottom line is we are great in the dismantlement and installation of used windshields and auto glass.

NYC Auto Salvage also provides a Junk Car Removal Service that comes to your home or place of  business to remove a  junk car for cash. This means that you pay us nothing to junk a car we pay you. We will dispatch our friendly professional driver to come and remove your  junk car.  All you need to do is call us on the phone or leave your information for a free quote to have a  junk car removed.

You have to laugh at life once and a while, so enjoy

No Title! No Keys! No Problem!! New York City Auto Salvage has you covered we  junk your car or truck and provide a receipt and a Junk Car Waiver Of Liability Form . Please contact Vinny at 718-297-9797 or Get A Free Quote!


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What’s My Junk Car is Worth At The Salvage Yard? $300 Up To $1,000!!!

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Sell Your Junk Car To NYC Auto Salvage for $300 Up To $1000

If you are looking to get rid of your troubled car or trucks, because you just had enough of the grind of keeping it on the road, we have you covered. NYC Auto Salvage is running an unheard of offer for your Junk Cars depending on the condition. We Pay Cash For Cars,Top dollar for your Junk Car or Truck. We payout $300.00-$1.000 dollars for you junk car.

Old Fashion Junk Car in Then Middle of a field

If the car has been in a bad accident the payout will be lower of course, But if it is a good year with a bad engine and or transmission but has a great body the value of your junk car does will go up naturally.

Speak to Vinny Mention this blog post or finding this on Google 1718-297-9797

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Spring Is Almost Here! It’s Time To Find Used Auto Parts Cheap…

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How  to save money by buying quality cheap used auto parts in Jamaica Queens NYC If you drive a used car one thing we can all agree on is that this winter has been rough on our cars and trucks in some cases, with the worst winter driving on record to date


Many of us will be left with costly auto repair bills, however if you plan ahead it’s not so bad. Most of the time things that brake needed replacing any way, so it’s makes sense to get a check up by first week of march to see what you need and starting buying your  used auto salvage  parts a month before you want to start working.

1) Plan ahead and call ahead,so if we don’t have it we can get it slow and not rush delivery causing us to charge more.

2) Always find way to add value back to the used auto part supplier and form a relationship, like a comment on our blog, twitter or facebook, spread the word.

3) Buy more then one thing at a time, so you can use one thing to leverage the others pricing.

4) Maybe you have a junk car laying around you can trade for a part you need.

5) Mention this Blog post and finding it from a search engines to Vinny and get a discount on used parts

PS one more tip ask the price first then mention the discount call 718-297-9797 NYC Auto Salvage Inc. and ask for Vinny

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Junk your car for the holidays and start the year off right

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Junk My Car? Never well maybe it’s way past time!!

You have had your car for sometime now, and may be it’s been good to you until now.Sure every now and then you may need to buy some Cheap used auto Parts living in NYC you know it’s never kind to a car or truck. The point is there comes a point where maybe it another cheap used car you need and not cheap auto parts.

This is the end to the first ten years of 2000 and with ten years past it’s time to look for a new or used car. Nowadays used cars are great, better on gas and repairs. So much so your next used car may take you into 2020 and beyond. Its time to Junk Your Car and find a new one that give you less problems. New York City Auto Salvage will pay top dollar  500.00 and up for Junk Cars.


We pay $500.00 and up for Junk Cars sold to us.

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William Kamkwamba dreamed to Power his Village using a windmill made from Junk Car Parts

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William Kamkwamba is one amazing young man at the age of 14 he made a windmill out of used car parts from the Junk Yard that could power his village. The best part is he Used Junk car parts to build A windmill. William is not even in collage yet he is now 19 years of age and has been given all type of funding for his continued education.

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