Why vehicle recycling is the future?

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The US automobile industry is massive. The United States is the fourth largest producer of automobiles in the world, right below Germany and Japan and just above South Korea. Supplying 5.5% of the world automobile supply, of which there are over a billion. The influx of vehicles to the US is added by the fact that the United States imports 179.6 billion USD worth of the world’s vehicle supply, the largest importer by a wide margin. This gives the United States a massive surplus in terms of available vehicles to be sold, increasing total ownership rates. This, combined with increasing costs of car repairs, as newer, modern cars are more complicated and rely heavily on computers, increasing time and effort to fix vehicles, have lead to a rise in new cars being bought.
This phenomenon has caused a rise in car recycling, with nearly 12 million cars recycled each year, 80% of all automobiles in the United States. So it is no wonder why the automobile recycling industry is the 16th largest industry in the US, adding $25 billion to the US GDP of 19.4 trillion, and employs over 100,000 workers. And the United States isn’t even the only country to recycle it’s cars, while the United States recycles 12 million cars, Europe recycles 8 million, and Europe saves about 80% of an original car through recycling, roughly the same as the United States. And surprisingly, the majority of US recycling measures are undertaken by small business, as 75 percent of all automotive companies employ less than 10 people. To add onto the benefits of recycling, North American car recycling programs have saved over 85 million barrels of oil from being used in making new or replacement cars.
Vehicle recycling is a beneficial alternative to complete scrapping, as it provides jobs, assists the environment, and is becoming an attractive new business. As recycling becomes more mainstream, and the demand for new cars starts pushing older cars into the recycling circle, the recycling business is turning into a quickly growing industry, and an excellent investment opportunity into a growing worldwide entrepreneurial field, that has room only to expand.

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Auto parts; Why are used parts better than new cheap parts?

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Any running machine is subject to tear and wear. A car’s windshield wipers, brake pads and shoes, and airbags need to be replaced after sometime. You will experience noises from your vehicle when a particular part has been worn out or even broken. It is advisable to research the auto part before you repair or replace it.

Rather than buying a new auto part, it is always advisable to replace a worn out or broken part with a used part even if it is a bit more expensive than the new part. This is so because of:


An already used car part is easy to find as you know where to find it. New parts require a lot of research to find the best part to use. Old parts offer the simplicity of choosing an auto part.


An added advantage of using a used auto part is that you might get a genuine part. Genuine parts have your cars logo and are the most ideal as they are identical


A new product is not always guaranteed to be of good quality. Actually what makes most of the new parts to be cheap is that their quality is poor. You might replace an auto part with s new one and find out later that the auto part is not durable. A quality auto part will serve you for a longer period.


Used parts fit perfectly and do not have a crumple zone, that is, they have a controlled manner in which they crumble when a car crashes meaning they are safer after an accident.

Used parts are also environmental friendly.

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People Who Prefer Salvage Auto Parts Enjoy these Benefits, # 2 is convincing

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Are you wondering why other people opt to used auto parts? Aside from the fact that brand new one has a substantial amount to get the payoff, there are many other reasons exist and play as essential, to understand a few see some list of benefits below and figure out which one knock and convince you.


  1. Financial value


Salvage auto parts definitely offer at a budget price a cost that is way far different from the brand new one yet the performance were quite similar. The first factor is saving money and if you are lucky enough, you can get an item with quality most likely if you buy one from reliable salvage yard


  1. On Hand


Finding auto parts might be a daunting task, sometimes you find it difficult to hunt a piece of the object (depending on what type of vehicle you have) in the spare parts market. While on the other hand, salvage auto parts usually available from used automobile yards, you can walk into any salvage yard supplier or local mechanic which has wide access from different types of vehicle which is perfect for your auto parts replacement


  1. Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)


Used auto parts are usually made and labeled OEM which perfectly fit almost all vehicles. It is a very safe option (match and fit) compare to aftermarket auto parts. Availability wise, OEM part is always on hand from the salvage yard, affordable and comes with a warranty.


  1. ECO- Friendly


This factor refers to the 3 R’s (reduce, reuse and recycle environmentally-friendly as this will save around 80 million barrels of oil, reduce the amount of energy for production of new replacement parts.


  1. Convenient


Used spare parts are widely accessible, therefore, you don’t have to spend more time of searching specific auto parts back and forth. Like if you are planning to do DIY spare parts replacement, then you can grab one anytime.

To sum it all, buying used auto car parts from the salvage yard is one great wise idea and so if you are in need of automobile recycle parts pick the phone and call New York City Auto Parts and Glass at 718-297-9797 and see what else we can offer.   

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NYC Auto Salvage warns of Common Fake Car Problem Scams – Offers Cheap Auto Parts to Fix Real Car Problems

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Shysters are everywhere, and local NYC mechanics are no exception. For every trustworthy mechanics out there, an equal and opposite scam artist lurks. Being in the auto salvage business for decades, we’ve heard some doozies, but these fake car problems mechanics fabricate to make a little extra cash really take the cake.

• Blinker fluid is low.

• Muffler bearings are shot.

• Horn is about to go dead.

• The horn motor is blown.

• Drive shaft stabilizer is worn out

• Your flux capacitor is worn out. (LOL this is the best.)

• The halogen fluid in the headlights is low.

• One tire isn’t touching the ground.

• Only ¾ of the tires are turning.

• The back-up tranny is out.

• The anti-lock brakes system is jammed and won’t unlock.

• The windshield is warped from the sun.

While these rip-offs may be hilarious to scammers, many New Yorkers have lost a lot of money. At NYC Auto Salvage and Glass, we never pull the wool over any of our customers’ eyes. We provide honest repairs and services. If something is wrong with your vehicle and needs to be fixed, we’ll tell you. If your repair is cheap and quick, we’ll tell you that too.

Need parts to take to your mechanic? We’ve got you covered. We provide perfectly functioning parts, replacement mirrors, glass and more for just about every make and model of car imaginable. Call us today to find everything you need for your vehicle at 718-297-9797. Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter to receive discount offers and read our customer feedback.


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NYC Auto Salvage and Glass Helps Relieve Used Auto Part Shopper’s Rage

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You know what’s a pain in the neck? Trying to order replacement auto parts online. It seems like every major parts distributor wants your VIN number, driver’s license, the last four digits of your social security number, credit card info, blood type, credit report and medical history just to order a simple part! Ok, so we’re exaggerating a little bit, but not by much.

Repairing a car or pickup is expensive and time consuming the way it is. Why does it have to take 45 minutes of filling out an online form just to order an oil pump? You can’t even search for cylinders without signing up for accounts these days. After you do that, be prepared to welcome a barrage of telemarketing calls!

If you’re working on breathing life back into your old car or truck, you’re probably just as frustrated as everyone else. Forget calling major retailers. You’ll never get them on the phone without screaming at an automated system and rage pounding your phone’s key pad for a half hour. Give up. Call us. We’ll help you.

NYC Auto Salvage and Glass is New York’s favorite place to save money on used auto parts, interior parts, replacement glass and more. An organized system ensures customer service representatives are able to find exactly the parts you need quickly. The best part? We won’t put you on hold or force you to communicate with a robotic voice. We actually have real customer service reps who are happy to help you out.

All of our used auto parts and repairs are guaranteed, and we work hard to keep our customers coming back for life. Call New York City Auto Salvage and Glass at 718-297-9797 to find the replacement auto parts, mirrors, windshields and so much more that you need. Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter to receive discount offers and read our customer feedback.

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