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Hidden Treasure in Salvage Yards

Posted by on Jul 15, 2016 in Cheap Used Auto Parts NYC | 0 comments

Remember the old days that we use the traditional yellow page directory to look for services and information that we need? Now in the digital era, everything is one click and touch away. Everything can be researched through the internet in our computers and smart phones. It is very convenient and one you may come across are Salvage Yards which we will talk about in this article.

You will never know what you can get from a salvage yard. A salvage yard can offer a wide range of brand, make, and selection of parts that you need. It is called a bag of treasure because you can find valuable parts for such a cheap price. It is also a place for hard to find parts when you are restoring or owning vintage cars. Based from personal experience I have come to a salvage yard and I wasn’t really expecting to find the part that I need but I’m really desperate so I did give it a try. I was looking for a front bumper of a Mitsubishi Sedan and luckily out of nowhere I found one. It is also the same color that I need for my car. I got it for only $30.00 would you believe that? In authorize service centers it may cost around $100-$200 and triple the price from salvage yards. I ask the man who owns the salvage yard and he told me that the part that I purchased comes from a car that recently junk by its owner because it was involve in an accident, luckily the driver was not harmed and the damage part of the car is from the rear the reason why the front bumper has been saved. That is why I have it now. Salvage Yards also work by paying cash for your junk car or you can sell parts in case you have some stock after replacement it’s another way for cash back.

If you think that Salvage Yards are the best alternative way for buying parts, give New York City Auto Salvage and Glass. Here is our contact number (718) 297-9797. You can also find us on Facebook just type our name. Catch ya!

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Auto Recycling and Salvaging

Posted by on Jun 14, 2016 in Cheap Used Auto Parts NYC | 0 comments

We all have known for a fact that the automobile industry is one of the leading contributors to our global economy. Car manufacturers are finding ways for better environment friendly vehicles that lessens the likelihood of generating waste, energy and pollution to the environment. This involves pre-manufacturing, production stage, and while the car is on the road. When a car is too old and in a situation that is not road worthy too drive, the salvage yards plays an important role to solve this problem. So what does Salvage Yards do? Let’s find out.

Auto salvaging is the process of removing usable parts and components of a junk car. Those parts are then overhauled, recycled, and sold to the public. Whether a car is old, involved in an accident, or has a mechanical failure, if your car had one of the following it is advisable to junk your car in a salvage yard. Salvage yards like us, New York City Auto Salvage and Glass pays cash for cars.

The preliminary process of salvaging a car or any vehicle in a salvage yard starts with draining all the oil, coolant and fluids from the car. This prevents spills and leaks while the car is being salvaged and dismantled. The fluids and oils collected from this process can also be sold for other cars for a cheaper price. The gas tank left can be restored to sell or can be made into scrap metal. Furthermore, the tires can be recycled as 2nd hand tires or re-fabricated to become new ones.

The remaining parts attached to the chassis will then be disassembled into the smallest part. Every part can be sold from windshields to floor mats even the screws as long as it can be recycled. The salvage yards are meticulous when evaluating a part for quality and satisfaction. It sure is salvage yard is a good choice for junking your car or repairing instead of buying expensive one.

If you want to learn more about salvage yards come visit us in Queens! We are New York City Auto Salvage and Glass give us a call at (718) 297 9797. We will look after you!

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Top 4 Major Car Repairs

Posted by on May 15, 2016 in Cheap Used Auto Parts NYC | 0 comments

No matter how we care for our car, the day will come that a bad day will happen and we need to do some repairs. Sometimes the worst case happens when you have to have a major repair. Because we love our car so much, we will fix it and do the repair but it’s so expensive.

To give you a quick list, here are major car problem and repairs.

  • A worn out or blown engine

    What car runs without an engine? Every car needs one. For you to run your car you need a fully functional engine. An engines performance is measured by mileage not commonly by age or type. It is suggested that if your car already run more than 150000 miles it is good to rest. A new car engine may range up to $1000 to $4000 depending on the engine model. Furthermore, engine parts are generally expensive and salvage yards are considered to be a good alternative.

  • The suspension and steering system

    This is what ensures a smooth ride in a vehicle and helps the driver manage the car. When the suspension or steering system isn’t working properly it can be very dangerous. The steering and transmission system ranges from $250 to $500.

  • The transmission

    For many people when their car’s transmission stops working it’s the most stressful. A car can’t function at all when there’s a significant problem with the transmission. Usually, transmission is caused by old transmission fluid which is commonly ignored. Transmission issues may cause you a major $2000 to $3500 for replacement. Ouch!

  • The heating and air conditioning system

    Many times when these systems malfunction, car owners will get a hold of replacing them because they are so expensive. The price for a new compressor varies between $200 and $600 which depends on your brand and model, the repair shop you seeks help with, and of course, the cause of malfunction. But as we all know, not having these systems can make your driving journey uncomfortable as these systems provides cooling and heating depending on the weather condition of the outside environment.

If your car needs any of these replacement parts, it’s often best to find used options. Used car parts mean you can enjoy reliability and quality, but with a lower price tag than you’ll find with new car parts. New York City Auto Salvage and Glass has one of the area’s largest selection of top quality used car parts.

Call 718-297- 9797 to see if they can get your car back in proper working order. You can also follow us on Facebook to see what our satisfied customers have to say about our selection of salvage parts.

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Things you Should Know about Used Auto Parts

Posted by on Apr 14, 2016 in Cheap Used Auto Parts NYC | 0 comments

Have you considered buying used auto parts? Are you having second thoughts?

Well, let me help you clear up your mind. Here are the things you should know about used auto parts and why.

  1. Old but new
    Sounds confusing right? What I’m trying to say is that old parts but perform like brand new. Mostly used auto parts being brought to salvage yards are in good to best condition. But of course, make sure to deal with legitimate ones to ensure quality of all items sold. After all, used auto parts are tried and tested making it easy for you to decide whether to want them or not.
  2. Is your used auto part from trusted suppliers?
    It is always best to have a transaction with known supplier for assurance. Check to see if they have a license to operate. Most of these salvage yards have active website to promote their business so grab the opportunity and make an initial background check. Nobody wants to be fooled, right?
  3. Used auto parts is cheaper than new parts
    Oh well, big yes! This great advantage is so much in favor specially if you are a car savvy and you’ve wanted to have some additional parts or upgrade for your car. It is suitable to shop for used ones than purchase new allowing you to save up to 40-55 percent on average. Isn’t that great?!
  4. OEM Standards
    By the way, OEM stands for Short for Original Equipment Manufacturer Standard. New or after-market parts manufactured may or may not be identical to the parts originally manufactured for a certain automobile. The reason is that they may be from third party manufacturer. So used auto parts play a big role here. Due to some car owners deciding to junk their car, most of the parts there are original. You are sure that the part you are looking for (of course, same make and model) will fit and function properly.

If you want to find amazing deals, please visit us here in Liberty, Jamaica. Or you may call us at (718) 297-9797. We are pleased to serve you.

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Buying a second hand car? Here’s what to look for.

Posted by on Mar 14, 2016 in Cheap Used Auto Parts NYC | 0 comments

I want to buy a used decent car but I don’t know where to start. When you are looking consider this following tips, hope this help you drive yourself an enjoyable car.

Firstly, research the car you are looking for, we don’t want our cash for nothing. Research the car, the pros and cons of having this car and the availability of the parts for maintenance. In addition, if it is possible to know it’s history please do it so.

A car within your reach. Look for a car that is in your budget, there will always be a car for you that fits in your budget that will be very useful to you. Don’t forget to ask for discounts. Used cars are oftentimes negotiable.

Second thoughts? Have someone to be with you when looking for a car. It could be your partner, a relative or a friend who may know about cars or someone that knows your needs when it come of having a car. 4 eyes and 2 brains are better to meticulously find that car of yours.

The most important part, the CAR itself have an inspection checklist. Always inspect in broad daylight it will help you see the car inside out. Check for damage and rust look underneath the car check on the seams, the frame rails, the car flooring and also the trunk because those are the usual parts where rust tend to start. This also includes the paint, the paint is the first line of protection against the environment and also the one that gives that impression of “I want that car!” because of the paint job. Check for dents and scratches, the lesser of this problems the better. Check the doors, hood, and the trunk door, overtime this parts tend to not close firmly so it’s better to check them. We don’t want it to open while driving.

The heart of the car, the ENGINE. If possible start the engine, listen to it. It should run smooth in acceleration, deceleration and while driving. The temperature should always be in the safe range and not overheating. Any unusual rattling or vibrations could mean there’s something wrong in the engine. Check also for oil leaks it could be from the engine itself, suspension, steering or brakes to avoid unwanted accident.

The inside of the car. Check for the interiors, the seats, dashboard and carpeting. It’s better if the car has no history of flooding. Check the seatbelts, make sure it is in good condition and the buckles and the belt itself is free from cuts. Furthermore, check the gauges, if they are accurate. The fuel, speed and temperature gauge. They are telling you what is happening as you drive the car.

The accessories, additional features of the car. It’s good if all the accessories are intact when you inspect the car, it has good ventilation hot and cold weather, sound system, and car lighter socket for phone charging, it’s always better to maximize the whole car.

Ask for a test drive. It’s like meeting the person face to face or working with a work mate, this can help you develop on overall impression on the car you are wanting to buy.

And if you are still in doubt with everything, an EXPERIENCED SALVAGE YARD can help you. At New York City Auto salvage and Glass, we have a wide range of used cars for sale of any makes at affordable price. We sell quality second hand cars and we have staff on the yard to look after you. So if you are decided to buy yourself a good driving companion, just give us a call at (718) 297 9797 and we can help you!

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We Pay Top Cash for your Rusty Gold!

Posted by on Feb 15, 2016 in Cheap Used Auto Parts NYC | 0 comments

Looking for that easy money this month? Why not considering selling your junk car at New York City Auto Salvage and Glass and have pay back for your car? Yes, money for your junk!

Still wondering if it is true or not? Read on.

If you are looking to get rid of your old car or truck, because you just had enough trouble of keeping it on the road, we got your back. New York City Auto Salvage and Glass is buying and offers junk car removal for your old ride depending on the condition. You can have your vehicle removed for free from anywhere around New York and we’ll pay you cash for it. From cars to vans, 4WD vehicles and trucks, our car removal team will take just about any vehicle in any condition. New York City Auto Salvage and Glass also deals in other makes and models; just call us for any inquiry for your car. You don’t have to worry if your car won’t be sold. Someone’s junk is a rusty gold for others.

New York City Auto Salvage and Glass has a wide range of used spare parts. All over the years of experience we acquired quality used auto parts and earned the trust of the local people of New York. All second hand car parts are removed, inspected and comes with an exchange warranty. Our other service includes next day delivery of spare parts if you are around New York, Jamaica and Queens.

The first step starts right at your fingertips. It’s that easy to get started. Simply call us on (718) 297-9797 or click the free quote button and fill up the form to submit your vehicle details and we will contact you. It is our pleasure to serve you.

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Quality Used Auto Parts Proven to Promote Automotive Safety

Posted by on Jan 15, 2016 in Cheap Used Auto Parts NYC | 0 comments

Found yourself in trouble on a car accident? Do you think that fixing your car would be expensive because of buying new spare parts? Don’t you have an insurance that will finance your car’s repair? Then worry no more, New York City Auto salvage and Glass is the solution.

You might be thinking that buying and using used auto parts is also a no, no because the quality is not 100% anymore. Well, many of those who think that way then eventually end up giving a try buying in a salvage yards found themselves relieved. Not only that the quality of the used auto parts is better that they thought, it is actually way far cheaper than the new ones.

Car repairs costs billions of dollars in America. Either you have insurance or not to support your repairs, it’s still expensive to repair your car. Salvage yards, like we in New York City Auto Salvage and Glass offers windshields, glass, radiators, heat and water pumps, wheels and all what you need to repair your car whether it’s a new model or vintage that you want to restore.

Some insurance companies may advice you to get a new one if the damage is very severe. Junking your car can also be used to finance your new car as a trade in. This can promote safety towards you.

On the other hand, we sell quality cheap used auto parts that also promote safety. We make sure that everything we sell is 100% functional and satisfaction guaranteed. We support the local people of New York by providing quality cheap used auto parts.

So if you want to be wise while being safe then give us a call. If you want to look for parts, we can also give you a free quote for car removal. Here’s the number (718) 297 9797. We will look after you.

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Things to Consider before Junking your Car

Posted by on Dec 15, 2015 in Cheap Used Auto Parts NYC | 0 comments

Selling your old car? This may sound hard because you need to undergo several processes, right? Well, it should not be. But the question is “How?”? To avoid having trouble with the salvage yard you choose, let me walk you through some of the important things you need to consider before salvaging your car (on your part, of course!)

1. Never leave important stuffs
When you have your car, it is really inevitable to place important things in it. We consider our cars like our second home most especially when you are travelling a lot and carry important things, either for school or work intended. Number one rule before you junk your car is to remove all your personal belongings. Be a keen observer. Make sure you check all places; from compartment to glove boxes and bins. This may also save you from creating issues during transaction. And of course, you don’t want to lose important document that can probably change your whole life if you mess it out.

2. Check for valuable components for additional bucks
This may be under you and your chosen salvage yard’s agreement. If the price agreed when they first inspected and priced your car meets what you think your car should be, you should turn it over as is. But for some instances that you think the price is lesser than you think your car values, you may take off some valuable components to sell like battery or stereo systems. This is a sure $$$ for your pocket.

3. Gasoline
You might be missing this spot but really, this can save you bucks right away. Do you know that salvage yards doesn’t care about the gasoline on your car? They need to drain all the fluids out before recycling or scrapping it. So the best thing to do is consume it. Take your car for a last ride. Or if it is not working anymore, you can siphon the gasoline out of your tank. But never puncture the fuel tank. The metal to metal friction will create ignition and can cause explosion. You may use a fuel siphon pump and make sure you are using only approved containers.
So if you think it is the best time to junk your car, give us a call at (718) 297-9797. We are pleased to serve you.

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Windshields: How it’s made?

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Do you know that drivers of the earliest cars had only goggles to shield them? Interesting isn’t it? But this not guarantees a safety trip knowing that different elements can cause harm along the way. This is when the idea of glass windshield came from. However, problems also arise together with this new invention as this can shatter on impact which can cause a lot of trouble and injuries to people. To prevent this, glass lamination was introduced; a shatterproof innovation in the automotive industry.

So here’s a short story on how to make a windshield. First, we will start with a plain sheet of glass. From there, an automatic plotter with a slicing wheel moves over the glass leaving a score line. Then a unit having a robotic arm holding a torch goes along the score line and the thermal shocks wraps up the cut. This is the best way to clearly cut through the glass. After cutting, the glass sheets will be taken to the sanding belts to takes off the sharp edges. This process is called seaming. Next the sheets will be washed in soapy water then dried and sprayed with a solution of combined water and talcum powder to prevent the sticking of the second sheet of glass. The machine now sets the second sheet on top of the newly sprayed one. This is only temporary as the sheets are layered for processing and will be pulled apart later. Next is the silk screening of black paint on the corner of the glass. This will be the inner part of the windshield. Then the glass will be carried to the inspection station. Furthermore, the glass sheets will be transferred to the bending iron where it is curved to shape according to specific windshield. Then, the two sheets of glass will be taken to the bending leer. The leer heats the sheets to 750 degrees Celsius causing the glass sheets to sink according to the shape of the bending iron. After this, it goes through a slow cooling cycle that toughens the new shape. Next, a vinyl is shaped through the glass and it will be taken to the newly shaped glass. Then another machine lowers the other identical sheet of glass sandwiching the vinyl. That’s your formula for the lamination. In case of an accident, the glass will be broken but not completely shatter, as the vinyl will hold the broken glass. Finally, for the remaining air pockets to disappear, the windshield will be taken to the machine called nipper which presses the windshield and releases the air pockets giving it a clear view. Then the windshields are safety inspected for toughness and quality assurance manually done by a human to check for scratches or any contamination in the glass and vinyl layers. That’s it! You have your windshield ready to be installed.

If you are looking for quality windshields in a cheaper price, New York City Auto Salvage and Glass can help you. Through experience we can give you the service that you want. We have the huge range of models and windshield types and brands. Not only windshields but used quality auto parts. You can contact us at 718-297-9797. We will also install the windshield while you wait! So come on!

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Advantages of Buying Auto Parts from Salvage Yards

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Buying used auto parts has its many perks. Salvage yards are one of many great places for you to purchase these parts. The main benefit of purchasing salvaged auto parts is the price. This is the primary reason why many consumers nowadays choose to buy salvaged parts rather than pay expensive prices for new parts. Generally, you can find used auto parts for a fraction of the cost of a new part, sometimes saving as much as half the price of what you would normally pay.

Purchasing used auto parts also helps reduce the need to have more new parts manufactured, meaning it also helps conserve our resources. This of course helps save materials that would be used to make the parts, as well as reduce the amount of fuel such as electricity that is also needed to manufacture new parts. In addition, salvage yards offer a wide range of parts and brands to choose from. Literally, salvage yards got what you are looking for. Some salvage yards also take your old part for discount on the part you are buying and re-manufacture it for re-selling.

If you are looking for quality used auto parts, then you are on the right spot. At New York City Auto Salvage & Glass we provide a wide range of car parts for sale and models to supply your needs and we offer free delivery. We also buy junk cars around NY and across America.

So as you can see there are many reasons why it is more beneficial for you to purchase used auto parts when repairing your car in a salvage yard. Not only it is a great way to save money, which everybody loves, but also an excellent way to conserve our energy and help mother earth.

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Ensuring our Salvage Yard’s Best Condition at all Times

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Appropriate planning of a salvage yard is important to prevent accidents and fire. There are a lot of things that we do in order for us to ensure that our auto parts are safe, at all times. These methods also save our employees from life threatening mishaps due to mishandled equipment found inside the premise.

We are licensed. We always ensure that we have all the licenses needed to operate in New York. We have everything covered not only to follow the law but also to keep us safe at all times. From Our car parts are well-organized. Stacking up of vehicles are systematically done to ensure that no explosive materials are not properly kept to avoid fire accidents that are preemptive in salvage yards that are not well-managed by the owners.

At New York City Auto Salvage & Yard, we do not only ensure that we sell high quality salvage car parts – – we also prioritize every essential factors that will help us be a trusted salvage yard in Jamaica, New York. Visit us if you want to sell your vehicle to a renowned and reputable company. We offer the best price in the area.

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We Value the Environment

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New York City Auto Salvage & Glass ensures that we keep our yard safe by following necessary precautions so that we won’t harm the environment. We always adhere to the city ordinance when it comes to proper storage of vehicles and appropriate disposal of chemicals found in the vehicles, such as coolant, transmission and engine oil, and many more. Disposal, storage and inspection are carefully and systematically done at all times.

Used oils are immediately taken off from the vehicle upon arrival because failure to do so could lead to fire accidents. These are kept in sealed and labelled containers and are either given to establishments that use commercial-type oil-fired stove, forwarded to stations that accept used car oils, or forwarded to a certified disposal company. Used oils are never used as dust suppressant on any part of our salvage yard not only because these are harmful to one’s health but also because these could damage the environment.
We segregate our garbage according to its type. All materials that are hazardous, such as those which are toxic, flammable, and toxic, are kept in different containers, and biodegradable wastes are kept in another container. These are forwarded to the disposal company. We also follow the open burning regulation.
New York City Auto Salvage & Yard values the safety of everyone. Rest assured that we are always executing appropriate methods as we value the government’s drive towards keeping our environment safe at all times.

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