When It Comes To NY Window Tinting NYC Auto Salvage Aftermarket Parts Has Your Windows Covered

Posted by on Jun 11, 2010 in Aftermarket Parts, Window Tinting, Windshields | 2 comments

NYC Auto Salvage now offers Auto Window Tinting for Cars. Most People used to tint  their car windows for privacy and this is still the truth with more people on the read then ever before Tinting is a great way to gain back a little privacy in your car. People love to stare at others it’s like a pass time to some. It’s just creepy when someone keeps staring at you and wont stop.  the tint is a way to deter that right off the bat.

There are other reasons that more people getting their car’s windows tinted  like the harmful effects of the Suns UV Rays. What ever your reason is for getting Tinted windows installed we cave you covered just give us a call or stop by to make an appointment.

Ask for Vinny when calling for your Car Tinting Questions and mention Google for a discount Prices start at 100.00  and up depending on the make and model 1718-297-9797

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New York city Auto Salvage Now Offers Used Auto Part Shipping

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When it comes to Used Auto Parts New York City Auto Salvage is the leading authority when it come to Used and Aftermarket Parts. We have a Used Part Locator we use to find any parts you need. Due to clients coming to our Blog from Google, we now offer Shipping at flat rates.  We welcome you  to read this blog leave comments or give us a call to talk about Shipping your used auto Parts to your front door.

The picture below shows Fate Rate Box sizes for Shipping Used Auto Parts

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718-297-9797  Help use track our Social Media efforts mention Google for A discount!!

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Used Parts Junkyard dealing in aftermarket space Junk!!

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This is very interesting we all know about used parts Junkyards in NYC, LA or any where else in the world but did you know that there is a Junkyard that deals in Space Junk. The space junk they sell can be used to rebuild spacecrafts. Some of the stuff will amaze you. Give them a call if you ever need car parts for your Spacecraft.

If you still only own a car then call us we may not have space junk but we have all the Aftermarket parts you need right here at New york city Auto Salvage Queens located in Jamaica NY.

We are here to help you get the Best used parts in NY for the right price. Mention that you found us on Google for a discount.

The video below is about a special Junkyard with Space parts. from youtube user QuarksAreStrange

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