Cheap Junk Yard Car Parts Can Help You Save On Collision & Automotive Repairs

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Collision Repairs Cost people in America   just for deer related crashes is 1.5 billion last year in 2010. The point is we spend many more billions of dollars on repairs whether if the insurance company is paying or it’s coming out of pocket directly.

Sometimes when you place an auto insurance claim they will repair with used parts to facilitate that collision repair to restore your car.

Cheap Used Auto Parts NYC

Either way parts for collision and automotive engine repair can often come from the local   junk yard salvage yard  to save money or a hard to find part when they can. Auto Salvage Yards offer Auto Salvage Yards like: Mirrors, windshields, glass, ac compressors, radiators , heater-cores, used engines and much much more. Think about how many billions of dollars are saved from using auto salvage parts not to mention recycling of good automotive parts.

Give Vinny a call so he can help you save money on the used parts you need for that collision or automotive repair 718-297-9797 

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Used Auto Parts Suppliers Provide Great Auto Salvage Parts At A Great Price

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When it comes to used auto parts local New York City Auto Salvage should be the first call 718-297-9797 you make. Mention finding us on Google for a discount. We are not just a Used auto part supplier who sells Junk Yard Parts, We are making a community around educating potential and existing clients on Auto Repair Tips. Not only are you getting a great used auto part you are also getting two way conversation. You can post comments, Videos, Forums chat and more.

We invite ball who want to learn, Teach or share knowledge of Auto repair tricks and tips. To join is free just follow the link to New York City Auto Salvage Community create your own page we welcome you.

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