Electric Wiper Motors Need To Be Replaced More Often In The Winter Months

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Weather your car uses a Bosch wiper motor or a Ford wiper motor , or any other brand name is not the issue. Electric wiper motors need to be replaced in  winter moths. The winter is hard on Windshield wiper motors in general not only do they work harder from all the snow and rain, they also  breakdown  from the friction of the ice on the  windshield  and windshield wiper blades.

Keep you windows clean of any  debris, this will help to keep the stress of the wiper motor, like snow under the wiper blades. So if you need a Replacement wiper motors for your rear wiper motor or a window wiper motor for your windshield, give NYC Auto Salvage a call at 1718-297-9797 ask for Vinny.

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NYC Auto Salvage Is A Junk Car Removal Service, Used Auto Parts, Windsields And Auto Glass Replacement Service

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We not only buy junk cars for cash, we also sell used auto parts and repair or replace auto glass and windshields. We have been selling and replacing windshields and auto glass in Jamaica Queens for over 15 years and have mastered it so much that we offer a limited warranty if you install used auto glass with us.

We have used engines for sale with a warranty on the engine if you install with us. We carry any used car and truck parts you may need at our disposal, like used and new car radiators, ac compressors, heater-cores and much more…


NYC Auto Salvage offers up cheap used auto parts so you can get your car fixed without braking your pockets. Call Vinny at for more information on Used AC Compressors and auto radiators, junk car removal 1718-297-9797

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Used Engines And Transmissions For Sale Installed And Guaranteed So You Don’t Have To Worry!!

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NYC Auto Salvage will deal with the repair shops for you if you buy a used engine or transmission from us. We have many good mechanics who will give you a discount and a guarantee on the work they do and we guarantee the used engine or transmission that you purchase from us.

You have nothing to lose at all, the risk is all on us to get the job done the right way the first time or we will make it right.  Most of the time when you buy a used engine or even when you buy a used transmission you will never get a guarantee like you will with us.


New Your City Auto Salvage  has cheap used auto parts for sale. We have most parts in stock in the case that we don’t we can have it at our location within a few short hours for pickup.

 Please contact Vinny at 718-297-9797 or Get A Free Quote!


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NYC Auto Salvage Has Cheap Used Auto Parts For Sale, Junk A Car And Auto Glass Replacement Available

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If you live out of side of  NY State and need to purchase used auto parts at a cheap price and have it shipped right to your door.  We are now offering out of state shipping on most items. Our Auto Salvage Yard located in Jamaica Queens  is well known for many years now as the spot to buy used parts for a car or truck., we also replace your auto glass and windshields while you wait.

Windshields & Auto Glass Replacement Give Us A Call 718-297-9797

We stock most windshields and auto glass and what we do have we can have withing a few short hours. When it comes to auto glass and windshield repair the bottom line is we are great in the dismantlement and installation of used windshields and auto glass.

NYC Auto Salvage also provides a Junk Car Removal Service that comes to your home or place of  business to remove a  junk car for cash. This means that you pay us nothing to junk a car we pay you. We will dispatch our friendly professional driver to come and remove your  junk car.  All you need to do is call us on the phone or leave your information for a free quote to have a  junk car removed.

You have to laugh at life once and a while, so enjoy

No Title! No Keys! No Problem!! New York City Auto Salvage has you covered we  junk your car or truck and provide a receipt and a Junk Car Waiver Of Liability Form . Please contact Vinny at 718-297-9797 or Get A Free Quote!


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It’s Time To check Your AC Compressors For The Summer At NYC Auto Salvage

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Summer is here again and so is the heat, Not so bad if  you get  your car’s AC compressor is working fine. however if it is not working NYC Auto Salvage can help to Test your automobiles AC Compressor and Charge to make sure you are the coolest you can be while driving around this summer.


Ac Compressor

We will test your Ac compressor for leaks and to make sure it has a good enough charge to make it through the few summers. If you need a compressor we have plenty of quality used and new AC compressors for sale Cheap at our Jamaica NY Salvage Yard.

We can also look at your Cars radiator and thermostat to make sure it is ready to face the extreme heat that NYC dishes out year after year. Once you have all these things in check you can enjoy a stress free summer knowing your car is cool and so are you.

Call Vinny at NYC Auto Salvage for more information on Used AC Compressors and auto raditators 1718-297-9797

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