Why Is It Important To Get A Receipt For A Junk Car Removal?

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The reason that it is so important to get a junk car receipt when you junk a vehicle, is to protect yourself from any liability on the Junk car that was removed from your possession.  Many times companies have been known to lose track of cars that were used in crimes or traffic violations after being junked to the local auto salvage yard.

When you get a receipt make sure that these numbers are present  DISMANTLER # 7079124 S.H.D.A # 0965610 S.H.D.G #0965612 any company that can not provide a receipt for your junk car or the numbers above should not gain your business stand clear of these types of operation.

Be Sure And Hold Your Receipt From Your Junk Car

No Title! No Keys! No Problem!! New York City Auto Salvage has you covered we  junk your car or truck and provide a receipt and a Junk Car Waiver Of Liability Form . Please contact Vinny at 718-297-9797 or Get A Free Quote!

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