Windshields: How it’s made?

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Do you know that drivers of the earliest cars had only goggles to shield them? Interesting isn’t it? But this not guarantees a safety trip knowing that different elements can cause harm along the way. This is when the idea of glass windshield came from. However, problems also arise together with this new invention as this can shatter on impact which can cause a lot of trouble and injuries to people. To prevent this, glass lamination was introduced; a shatterproof innovation in the automotive industry.

So here’s a short story on how to make a windshield. First, we will start with a plain sheet of glass. From there, an automatic plotter with a slicing wheel moves over the glass leaving a score line. Then a unit having a robotic arm holding a torch goes along the score line and the thermal shocks wraps up the cut. This is the best way to clearly cut through the glass. After cutting, the glass sheets will be taken to the sanding belts to takes off the sharp edges. This process is called seaming. Next the sheets will be washed in soapy water then dried and sprayed with a solution of combined water and talcum powder to prevent the sticking of the second sheet of glass. The machine now sets the second sheet on top of the newly sprayed one. This is only temporary as the sheets are layered for processing and will be pulled apart later. Next is the silk screening of black paint on the corner of the glass. This will be the inner part of the windshield. Then the glass will be carried to the inspection station. Furthermore, the glass sheets will be transferred to the bending iron where it is curved to shape according to specific windshield. Then, the two sheets of glass will be taken to the bending leer. The leer heats the sheets to 750 degrees Celsius causing the glass sheets to sink according to the shape of the bending iron. After this, it goes through a slow cooling cycle that toughens the new shape. Next, a vinyl is shaped through the glass and it will be taken to the newly shaped glass. Then another machine lowers the other identical sheet of glass sandwiching the vinyl. That’s your formula for the lamination. In case of an accident, the glass will be broken but not completely shatter, as the vinyl will hold the broken glass. Finally, for the remaining air pockets to disappear, the windshield will be taken to the machine called nipper which presses the windshield and releases the air pockets giving it a clear view. Then the windshields are safety inspected for toughness and quality assurance manually done by a human to check for scratches or any contamination in the glass and vinyl layers. That’s it! You have your windshield ready to be installed.

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