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Things to Consider before Junking your Car

Posted by on Dec 15, 2015 in Cheap Used Auto Parts NYC | 0 comments

Selling your old car? This may sound hard because you need to undergo several processes, right? Well, it should not be. But the question is “How?”? To avoid having trouble with the salvage yard you choose, let me walk you through some of the important things you need to consider before salvaging your car (on your part, of course!)

1. Never leave important stuffs
When you have your car, it is really inevitable to place important things in it. We consider our cars like our second home most especially when you are travelling a lot and carry important things, either for school or work intended. Number one rule before you junk your car is to remove all your personal belongings. Be a keen observer. Make sure you check all places; from compartment to glove boxes and bins. This may also save you from creating issues during transaction. And of course, you don’t want to lose important document that can probably change your whole life if you mess it out.

2. Check for valuable components for additional bucks
This may be under you and your chosen salvage yard’s agreement. If the price agreed when they first inspected and priced your car meets what you think your car should be, you should turn it over as is. But for some instances that you think the price is lesser than you think your car values, you may take off some valuable components to sell like battery or stereo systems. This is a sure $$$ for your pocket.

3. Gasoline
You might be missing this spot but really, this can save you bucks right away. Do you know that salvage yards doesn’t care about the gasoline on your car? They need to drain all the fluids out before recycling or scrapping it. So the best thing to do is consume it. Take your car for a last ride. Or if it is not working anymore, you can siphon the gasoline out of your tank. But never puncture the fuel tank. The metal to metal friction will create ignition and can cause explosion. You may use a fuel siphon pump and make sure you are using only approved containers.
So if you think it is the best time to junk your car, give us a call at (718) 297-9797. We are pleased to serve you.

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