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How to Identify Water Damaged Cars from Hurricane Ian

How to Identify Water Damaged Cars from Hurricane Ian
As Hurricane Ian sweeps through the Eastern States, Hurricane Watch has officially been issued. Thousands have evacuated, and many are beginning to bring their vehicles to dealers in cars for cash to hussle some money before it’s too late. It is expected that the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island, the boroughs of New York city, will likely be affected.

If you don’t take enough precautions, the aftermath of the hurricane will cause an appointment with an Auto Repair shop. The high winds and heavy rains will cause you a lot of money on Auto parts. In the unfortunate case the hurricane is severe, there is a danger that there will be a lot of junk Cars. With the damage comes a hefty price tag in replacing junk Parts and labor.

Signs of water damaged cars

1. Rust
One of the things that you must be concerned with is rust. Rust is a significant reason so many vehicles are deemed junk cars. In the worst case, scenario cars for cash are the best option if you cannot repair the car.
2. Odor
Another symptom of water damage is a strange odor caused by soaking dampness.
3. Vibration
as a result of rust, vibration is a sign that something may be wrong, especially if this happens at or about the same time as other signs of damage are found. The vibration is caused by friction on auto parts. Extensive wear on these parts can be costly, thus necessitating the disposal of your property among the many salvage cars.
4. Electrical Damage
Water and electricity do not mix well. The result can be costly if vital components in the electrical system have been damaged. An evaluation may be necessary, and you can opt to sell to a salvage car dealer and top up some cash for another car. Everything from the ignition to the alternator will be a concern if water is present. Most of these parts will have either a mechanical or electronic aspect, so finding out which parts were damaged is crucial.

Nevertheless, the upside is from all the junk parts, auto repair shops can fix some auto parts and resell them at a fair price. So if you reside in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, or Staten Island, you can husSle some cash from salvage cars rather than lose your vehicle from water damage.