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Perks of Buying Auto Parts from Salvage Yards

Posted by on Oct 12, 2016 in Cheap Used Auto Parts NYC | 0 comments

Buying used auto parts has its many perks. Salvage yards are one of many great places for you to purchase these parts. The main benefit of purchasing salvaged auto parts is the price. This is the primary reason why many consumers nowadays choose to buy salvaged parts rather than pay expensive prices for new parts. Generally, you can find used auto parts for a fraction of the cost of a new part, sometimes saving as much as half the price of what you would normally pay.
Purchasing used auto parts also helps reduce the need to have more new parts manufactured, meaning it also helps conserve our resources. This, of course, helps save materials that would be used to make the parts, as well as reduce the amount of fuel such as electricity that is also needed to manufacture new parts. In addition, salvage shops offer a wide range of parts and brands to choose from. Literally, salvage shops got what you are looking for. Some salvage shops also take your old part for a discount on the part you are buying and re-manufacture it for re-selling.

So as you can see there are many reasons why it is more beneficial for you to purchase used auto parts when repairing your car in a salvage yard. Not only it is a great way to save money, which everybody loves, but also an excellent way to conserve our energy and help mother earth.

If you are looking for a quality used auto parts, then you are in the right spot. At New York City Auto Salvage & Glass, we provide a wide range of car parts for sale and models to supply your needs and yes, we offer free delivery for your convenience. We also buy junk cars around New York City area and the whole United States.

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The Most Hated Engine Problems

Posted by on Sep 15, 2016 in Cheap Used Auto Parts NYC | 0 comments

So you woke up in the morning and once you started your car the engine won’t start. What could be the problem?

As an engine acquires mileage, the likelihood of having engine problem also increases. The basics of common engine problems are overheating engine, an engine that doesn’t start, and service engine lights. Beyond that, minor things can cause major problems. It is important to pay attention to your engine when it needs servicing. It is the heart of your car.

Engine that overheats.

Most of the modern cars that we are using nowadays has temperature gauges that measures the level of how hot the engine is. Coolant level may affect the car’s temperature. A low coolant level can cause the engine to overheat, thus, low water level from the radiator. If you see a warning light indicating increased temperature from your engine, have a stop; check your water or coolant level. But be careful. High pressure may burst and can cause burn injuries. Overheating can cause expensive engine repairs but you see, maintaining the coolant and water level is the simplest way to prevent it. Furthermore, leaking or busted gasket heads may also cause overheating. Another indication of overheating is coolant lose or white cloudy smoke exiting from the hood. When you see these, have a pit stop.

Engine that doesn’t start.

Another problem commonly encountered by drivers is a dead engine; a non-starting engine. It may be caused of two main problems. One is flat battery. This happens when you click your key and nothing happens. On the other hand, if the engine starts but not continuing and eventually dies, the problem is the fuel or the ignition. Furthermore, a dead engine may also be the reason of corroded battery cables, starter motor fuel delay, clogged fuel filter, or ignition switch failure. These problems may be prevented through routine check-up so be sure to check the inside of your car regularly.

Engine that needs servicing.

Our cars now are smarter than we think. Most modern cars detect malfunctions and have sensors that troubleshoot problems. Whether its low fluid levels, emissions, or powertrains it does the job. It alerts the drivers for future repairs. Aside from that, it also may indicate low compression or compressed air levels, faulty electrical issues, or missing gas caps. Just make sure when you see the warning have a thorough look about it.

If you are experiencing any of these and want to fix the problem the cheapest way, why not consider going to New York City Auto Salvage and Glass, we have a wide range of engine parts regardless of the make and model of cars. We sure we got what you need to fix the problem. If you have any questions and inquiry just dial (718) 297 9797.

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The Five Basics to Car Restoration

Posted by on Aug 14, 2016 in Cheap Used Auto Parts NYC | 0 comments

It is a fact that every one of us wants to have a car of our own to take us everywhere on the road. Then if we put this to the next level some of us has that passion of restoring a classic car not only as a project but a priced possession to roll down on the road with pride. Furthermore, in doing so, there are some factors that need to consider in restoring a project car. It may take months, maybe years or thousands of bucks but is sure worth it once its finish. Here you are the 5 basics to car restoration.

  1. Look for a car that runs.

Buying a car that starts and running saves you more time and expensive mechanical repairs. If you buy a non-running car it is more likely to be expensive for your restoration and it will take more time just by looking for the parts alone. You might be needed to build a new engine but in the best chance possible that you will find a running car it might only take few part replacement and you will be alright.


  1. Find a car that has a good value.

There are many cars out there that can be restored but the value of the cars might be different even if it’s restored. Research and look for a car that has a potential not only as the car itself but also a market potential. You can never really tell, your project car when finished might be the next big thing!


  1. Rust could be another problem.

This is one of the hardest problem in car restoration, rust. You may find out that some parts or the chassis of the car you are restoring has been eaten by rust. It may take a long time to repair and cost a good amount of money; depending on how rusty is your chassis. You might need to cut the sections, fabricate, and weld new metal plates to strengthen the affected part. If you are lucky enough to find a new chassis you might use that and build your car on the newly found chassis.


  1. Parts should be always available; it’s a must on restoration.

This might be the another problem, the availability of parts. If parts are not available, it may hinder your restoration and hold you back and delay your restoration. Salvage yards like we New York City Auto Salvage and Glass has a wide range of cheap used auto parts that can help you on the parts you need. This ensures your project goes smoothly. This also secures you budget and you can save more on parts.


  1. Ask for an expert advice.

It will be very handy of you know someone who knows about restoration or someone who did a restoration to give you some advice on your project. If we go back to number 1 choosing the right car is always the good start. Feedback coming from an expert’s point of view is a saving tool from hiccups on your restoration.


So there you go the 5 basics to your project car restoration. It may take time but it will pay the price once it’s finished. If you are looking for parts for your car, why not visit New York City Auto Salvage and Glass. Contact us at (718) 297-9797). We will look after you.



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Hidden Treasure in Salvage Yards

Posted by on Jul 15, 2016 in Cheap Used Auto Parts NYC | 0 comments

Remember the old days that we use the traditional yellow page directory to look for services and information that we need? Now in the digital era, everything is one click and touch away. Everything can be researched through the internet in our computers and smart phones. It is very convenient and one you may come across are Salvage Yards which we will talk about in this article.

You will never know what you can get from a salvage yard. A salvage yard can offer a wide range of brand, make, and selection of parts that you need. It is called a bag of treasure because you can find valuable parts for such a cheap price. It is also a place for hard to find parts when you are restoring or owning vintage cars. Based from personal experience I have come to a salvage yard and I wasn’t really expecting to find the part that I need but I’m really desperate so I did give it a try. I was looking for a front bumper of a Mitsubishi Sedan and luckily out of nowhere I found one. It is also the same color that I need for my car. I got it for only $30.00 would you believe that? In authorize service centers it may cost around $100-$200 and triple the price from salvage yards. I ask the man who owns the salvage yard and he told me that the part that I purchased comes from a car that recently junk by its owner because it was involve in an accident, luckily the driver was not harmed and the damage part of the car is from the rear the reason why the front bumper has been saved. That is why I have it now. Salvage Yards also work by paying cash for your junk car or you can sell parts in case you have some stock after replacement it’s another way for cash back.

If you think that Salvage Yards are the best alternative way for buying parts, give New York City Auto Salvage and Glass. Here is our contact number (718) 297-9797. You can also find us on Facebook just type our name. Catch ya!

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NYC Auto Salvage Has Cheap Used Auto Parts For Sale, Junk A Car And Auto Glass Replacement Available

Posted by on Jul 19, 2012 in Cheap Used Auto Parts, Junk Car, Windshields | 0 comments

If you live out of side of  NY State and need to purchase used auto parts at a cheap price and have it shipped right to your door.  We are now offering out of state shipping on most items. Our Auto Salvage Yard located in Jamaica Queens  is well known for many years now as the spot to buy used parts for a car or truck., we also replace your auto glass and windshields while you wait.

Windshields & Auto Glass Replacement Give Us A Call 718-297-9797

We stock most windshields and auto glass and what we do have we can have withing a few short hours. When it comes to auto glass and windshield repair the bottom line is we are great in the dismantlement and installation of used windshields and auto glass.

NYC Auto Salvage also provides a Junk Car Removal Service that comes to your home or place of  business to remove a  junk car for cash. This means that you pay us nothing to junk a car we pay you. We will dispatch our friendly professional driver to come and remove your  junk car.  All you need to do is call us on the phone or leave your information for a free quote to have a  junk car removed.

You have to laugh at life once and a while, so enjoy

No Title! No Keys! No Problem!! New York City Auto Salvage has you covered we  junk your car or truck and provide a receipt and a Junk Car Waiver Of Liability Form . Please contact Vinny at 718-297-9797 or Get A Free Quote!


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