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Looking for cheap used auto parts? Look no further.

Posted by on Aug 22, 2013 in Cheap Used Auto Parts NYC | 0 comments

Have you been involved in a minor fender bender? Has the local dealer quoted you a price that is out of this world? Would reporting the accident and paying the deductible raise your Insurance rates and break the bank? Don’t fret; at New York Auto Salvage and Glass, we carry a huge selection of cheap used car parts to help you out of this sticky jam.

York City Auto salvage and Glass sells only the best recycled parts at prices that will leave you smiling. We offer an enormous array of car and truck parts for nearly every make and model under the sun. If we don’t have what you need, don’t worry. We also have 3 alternate locations to search for the parts you need, and all of our locations have fully trained, helpful and knowledgeable staff that are always ready to service you.

New York Auto Salvage and Glass carries body parts to boost the aesthetic appearance of your vehicle, but we also have many cheap replacement auto parts to keep things running smoothly under the hood. Used transmissions, brake systems, and tires are just a small percentage of our money saving parts we have in stock and ready to install.

If you need affordable replacement auto parts or your vehicle’s interior or exterior, call us today and let our professional staff get you what you need at prices you can afford. Call now at 718-297-9797. Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter to receive discount offers and read our customer feedback.

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Looking for Cheap Used Auto Parts for your teenager’s first ride?

Posted by on Aug 15, 2013 in Cheap Used Auto Parts, Cheap Used Auto Parts NYC | 0 comments

Have you found a fixer upper for that you want to work on with your teenager? Looking forward to teaching them about a car from the ground up? We know you want the best parts, but sometimes the cost of those parts can go over and above what you had in mind for a budget. At New York City Auto Salvage and Glass, we understand tight budgets. We offer a huge selection of cheap used auto parts and friendly, knowledgeable staff to serve you.

Why call anyone else for auto parts? Even if the car is an older model or even a rare model, we will work hard to help you find whatever parts you need and at the cheapest prices possible. At New York City Auto Salvage and Glass understand the people of New York, because we are people of New York. We have been honored to serve our neighbors for the past 17 years.

We have lots of customers looking for cheap used auto parts for their kids’ rides. In fact, many of the customers we have helped repeatedly throughout the years and are now coming back for the next generation of car and truck drivers. We hope to be here for many more generations to come. Let us help you continue the time honored tradition of rebuilding an automobile with your kids and building a vehicle they’ll be proud to drive. Give New York City Auto Salvage and Glass a call at 718-297-9797 and let us help you.

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Looking for Cheap Used Auto Parts? We’ve got you Covered

Posted by on Aug 1, 2013 in Used Auto Parts NYC | 0 comments

Repairing your car or truck can be prohibitively expensive. However, there are ways you can save money on repairing your aging automobile. New York City is packed full with vehicles old and new. While some cars are good for nothing but scrap metal, others have plenty of working parts that are perfect for making repairs on your vehicles.

Finding cheap used auto parts may be difficult if you have a rare car or truck. If you’ve searched high and low for used parts and have come up empty handed, try calling New York City Auto Salvage and Glass.

We have 3 locations in the New York area giving us the edge on the competition. If we don’t have the parts you need, we will do our very best to find them. At a cost that will make you glad to have called. We have an experienced, trained staff to give you the service you deserve.  We will also give free no obligation quotes. Don’t wait another minute, to get that car back on the road. Give us a call at  718-297-9797 and let us help you.

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Used Auto Parts NYC – Transforming Vehicles from Junky to Hunky

Posted by on Jun 1, 2013 in Cheap Used Auto Parts, Cheap Used Auto Parts NYC, Used Auto Parts, Used Auto Parts NYC | 0 comments

Watching Pimp my Ride probably costs American car nuts millions of dollars annually. Unless you have a healthy bankroll, supping-up your car needs to be done on a dime. If your wallet is less like Heidi Fleiss and more like the neighborhood hobo, let NYC Auto Salvage and Glass help you pimp your ride.

From body panels to transmissions and engines to headlights, we’ve got you covered. We have a well-run, organized establishment stocked full of used, high quality auto parts from cars and trucks new and old, common and rare. If you want a head-turning rig but your ride is less than stellar, you should start under the hood.

Make sure your ride is tuned up and all non-functioning parts are replaced. Swap out spark plugs and filters and make sure all of your fluids are filled properly. Once your car is in good mechanical running order, start repairing the interior.

Fix broken AC vents, consoles, ash trays and glove compartments. Find replacement covers for lights and replaces burned out fuses. We can hook you up with new seats, steering wheels and more for your car’s interior. Installing a thumpin’ sound system, super chargers and other extras should come next.

Once your motor is running great and the interior is fixed up, it’s time for the fun part: body work. Pop out dents, change out irreparably damaged body panels and prep for a new custom paint job. Once your car is painted, you may want to replace mirrors, tint your auto glass, replaced cracked windshields, etc. Before you know it, your car will be everything you want it to be and more.

Call New York City Auto Salvage and Glass at 718-297-9797 to find the replacement parts, interior parts, replacement mirrors and glass and more that you need. Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter to receive discount offers and read our customer feedback.

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Creating Your Own Treasure with Discount Used Auto Parts

Posted by on May 15, 2013 in Cheap Used Auto Parts, Cheap Used Auto Parts NYC | 0 comments

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of accomplishment that comes from taking an old shell of a vehicle and building it into your own custom car. This takes a lot of dedication, knowledge, and effort. Of course, you will also need one other thing: car parts. You can’t hope to build a new car for yourself if you don’t have the parts to put into the shell to actually make it run. As you are working on your project you may find that you need far more than just the inner workings of the vehicle. You may also need to replace other parts such as doors, handles, bumpers, and mirrors. Add all these parts up and you are going to be facing quite a bill if you choose to purchase your parts through a big box dealer or auto parts store. This could put a major damper on your ability to finish your project. Instead, call New York City Auto Salvage and Glass and take advantage of our fantastic array of discount used auto parts.

Don’t let the thought of “discount used auto parts” scare you away. We sell only the highest quality salvaged parts from our own salvage yards. This means we evaluate every part that comes out of our yards to ensure they are safe and functional before we sell them. You can rest assured we would never let you put a part on your car that we wouldn’t just as soon put on ours. We understand how important every single part you use for your vehicle is and want to make sure when you create your own treasure it will be safe, functional and exactly what you were looking for. Our salvage yard gets new cars every day so you can feel confident you’ll find what you need. We’ll help you identify the parts you need throughout the process of building your vehicle and then pick the parts from our selection so you can keep working toward your goal of creating your own custom car.

If you are in the market for high quality parts for your vehicle project but don’t want to deal with the ridiculously high prices of big box stores or dealerships, give New York City Auto Salvage and Glass a call at 718-297-9797. We’ll make sure you get what you need at a price that will actually let you finish your project.  Don’t forget to Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to see what others have to say about us!

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