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New York City Auto Salvage Auto Upholstery Repair

Posted by on Oct 25, 2010 in Aftermarket Parts, Auto Upholstery Repair | 0 comments

We have been a trusted name in Quality Cheap Used Auto Parts for many years. We also specialize in Auto Upholstery Repair. So if your Upholstery needs Cleaning we can take care of it for you. If your Fabric Upholstery is ripped or destroyed we can make it look like brand new unlike the picture below.

We would love to talk to you when your car upholstery need repair or cleaning. Mention Google or this blog post for a discount.

Speak to Vinny call 1718-297-9797

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radiator repair and coolant are the two most important factors coming into winter

Posted by on Oct 19, 2010 in Aftermarket Parts | 0 comments

getting your cars radiator ready for the cold
2.Taking care  of radiator for the wintertime, There are several things that need to be looked at when your radiator needs to be ready for.

look at you radiator coolant levels,never use water just antifreeze. If you do use water you will crack the engine block. If this happens you will have to replace the engine block or junk the car for parts.

Make sure your radiator hoses are nice meaning no cracks Leaks or dry spots. If you do all this you will save money, time and efforts in the long run

You may even want to get your cars radiator flushed, to get out any water mixtures for your summer driving.

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Junk Yard Cheap Used Auto Parts Are A great Way To Get Your Car Moving

Posted by on Oct 2, 2010 in Used Auto Parts | 0 comments

With an economy like we are all experiencing it becomes hard just to maintain. So before you take your car to a mechanic to fix something you can handle yourself. Check with your Local Junk Yard to see if they have the part you need. Most mechanics will get the parts from a junk yard anyway, and charge you more. Some mechanics will allow you to get your own parts for the job bringing the price down a little. So if you are looking for Cheap Used Auto Parts New York City Auto Salvage located in Jamaica  NY can help we stock many parts and we can locate most parts withing a hour to give you a price for the Used Parts you desire

Below is a picture of Cheap Used Auto Parts For Sale

So if you are in the market for Cheap Used auto Parts Visit or Junk Yard in Queens NY. Call 1718-297-9797 Speak to Vinny let him know you found him on Google or mention this blog for a discount

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