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New Name Brand Auto Batteries For Sale Cheap For Your Car Or Truck

Brand New Car Batteries only 50.00 and up  with Old Core, if you forget the old core when you come in we require a 10.00  refundable deposit when you bring back your core from the old car BatteryWe also have used car batteries for 30.00 as is condition50.00 and up for a new or refurbished battery.

It’s sucks to come out to a dead battery more so when your in a hot hurry to get somewhere. This can be avoided with a simple battery and  alternator test we can provide   for free at our Jamaica queens NY location. Knowing is half the battle and will save you stress latter down the line.

Your car battery explained in a video below

$50.00 and up for  a new name brand  car battery at a great price, so why play with around get it done today. We will have you in and out. We also sell new and used alternators if that is what you need to get moving on track again.

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