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5 Tips On How-To Winterize Your Car Or Truck Before The Cold Hits

5 Tips On How-To Winterize Your Car Or Truck Before The Cold Hits

The winter is coming in fast here in New York City, now is the time to get your cars winter driving safety issues looked at before the really cold weather hits.


 Below you will find a check list of 5 tips on getting your car ready for the winter driving weather.

If you follow the following tips the winter will be a breeze.

1) Make sure your radiator is in good working condition, meaning it can hold anti-freeze without leaking. If it leaks you must keep it filled up with anti-freeze not water and not a water anti-freeze mix. This will cause the water to freeze and blow open the plugs on the engine block or worst crack the engine block it self, then its game over for the engine until your replace the blocks.

Always use all anti-freeze and never water or a mix

2) Check your cars heater-core unit to make sure your heater-core is working correctly. Nothing is worst then having no heat or defroster in your car during the harsh winter. You should check it now while it is still easily and still warm enough to make repairs if needed. You can read our blog post article on how-to repair or replace your heater-core yourself.

No Heater-Core No Heat or Defroster one cold ice box

3) Check all your fluids and get your oil change for the winter time, this includes your washer fluid to rain, snow and sleet. Nothing is worst then driving with nasty snow, salt and dirt that is dry and smudging on your cars windshield while your driving.

4) Make sure you have tires for winter driving, year ago people would have to change their tires from summer tires to snow tires to accommodate for the harsh winter driving you have to go through on a daily basis. Nowadays we have tires that are all in one summer and winter. This does not mean that you don’t have to change them when they become to warn down to drive safely.

These Snow Tires are state of the art with metal studs

5) First Aid kit should always be in your car, in the winter however you will need blankets, flashlights, snow shovels, hand warmers, food change of clothing, battery operated radio and hand-held CB radio with extra cell phone battery and charger.

This first aid kit could mean life or death in a blizzard situation

If you need any car parts for your car or truck for this winter call Vinny at New York City Auto Salvage 718-297-9797

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