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How To Prevent An Over-Heating Car, Buy A Used Radiator From The Salvage Yard

How To Prevent An Over-Heating Car, Buy A Used Radiator From The Salvage Yard

Summer time can be a very stressful time for car engine cooling systems not to mention the stress on the owner of  a over-heating car. We have all been there before, driving along enjoying the summer heat in traffic at the foot of any NYC bridge.


 Then suddenly the temperature gauge soars into the read zone.

Be Prepared Don't Let This Happen To You

This is most likely the point where you remember you have no antifreeze in the trunk or even a bottle for water either. FYI water can only be used temporarily to get you to a nearby service station to get antifreeze or get car repaired. If you need to get it home you will need a tow truck  if you only have water and no antifreeze.

To prevent this from happening to you

  1. Make sure your radiator is working and in good running condition with no antifreeze  leaking from any point of the radiator.
  2. Monitor your temperature gauge daily to avoid pushing the car in the heat knowing there is a problem.
  3. Check all your radiator hoses to see if the are dry rotted, cut, sliced or leaking in anyway.
  4. Always carry extra radiator hoses and clamps along with the proper tools to make the repairs on the spot.
  5. Make sure you always have plenty of Radiator fluids also known as Antifreeze so when you change hose you have it to replace it.

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