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Cheap DIY fixes with Used Auto Parts – Part 1 – Battery Replacement

Cheap DIY fixes with Used Auto Parts – Part 1 – Battery Replacement

Everyone who owns a car must eventually face the reality of making repairs. The cost of repairs depends upon the purchase price of parts and the cost of labor. Money doesn’t grow on trees, and repairs add up fast. One of the best ways to save money on repairs is to do them yourself. A quick YouTube tutorial, a little time and effort and a few cheap used auto parts is all you need to make the repairs yourself and reduce your overall costs.

A used battery costs so much less than the $70-$100 that dealers and parts stores charge for new batteries. At NYC Auto Salvage and Glass we carry a wide selection of batteries and can certainly help you find what you need at deep discounts. Parts are high quality and in working order so you know your used battery will hold a charge and keep your car operable.

To replace your car battery, disconnect the negative cable from the negative battery post first. This post will be marked with a “-“ sign. Next, disconnect the positive cable marked with a “+” sign. If your battery has a security bracket holding it in place, disconnect it. Lift the battery off of the plate and set it aside. Using an old, stiff bristled tooth brush scrub the connectors on the ends of the cables clean with a solution of baking soda and water. Baking soda is a base substance while battery contents are acidic. The chemical reaction will clean any corrosion from the connectors and keep the electrical current flowing without interruption. Don’t forget to rinse.

Place the new used battery on the support plate and reconnect the support bracket, if you have one. Connect the positive cable first, repeated by the negative cable. Make sure the cables do not slide from side to side and are securely in place. Start your car. Voila!

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