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No Warranty? No Problem! Low Cost, Low Hassle Car Repairs with Discount Used Auto Parts in Queens

No Warranty? No Problem! Low Cost, Low Hassle Car Repairs with Discount Used Auto Parts in Queens

Nothing seems hotter than a summer day in Queens. When the sun is beating down and there seems to be no breeze ever coming back, the last thing anyone wants is to climb into a car with no air conditioning. Even with the windows down, nothing will stop the sweltering heat from taking your day to a really bad place. With the summer on its way and the temperature already starting to climb, now is the time to check your car over to make sure it is ready for those road trips and inevitable traffic jams. Of course, if you are driving an older car that has outlived its warranty, or purchased your vehicle without one, you may be facing down some hefty charges for car repairs.

Fortunately, there is an alternative to draining your pockets at the dealer getting your car repaired. Whether you need a full overhaul of your air conditioning unit or just a replacement of a few simple parts to keep your car operating at peak efficiency, let New York City Auto Salvage and Glass be your source for high quality discount used auto parts.

Each of the used car parts we sell is in excellent condition despite being salvaged from junked cars. We stand behind this quality and assure you that we would never sell you a used car part to put on your vehicle that we wouldn’t willingly put on our own car. Choosing used parts for your auto repairs is about taking advantage of high quality, perfectly functional parts that are just waiting in the salvage yard. With the rest of the car junked, these parts are ready to be removed and used to make another vehicle a better, more comfortable and safer tool for its owner. In addition to the great quality of these parts, the savings that you can achieve when compared to the big box or superstores is truly astonishing. If your car is out of warranty, there really is no more economical way to get the replacement parts that you need.

Don’t let summer find you with a car that isn’t ready for the season. Call New York City Auto Salvage and Glass718-297-9797 — and let us help you find the parts that you need. For more information, don’t forget to Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter!

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