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5 Tips To An Easy Used Ac Compressor Installation

During the summer months AC Compressors are in high demand. Most people will wait until the last minute to get this done and have to work through the very intense heat. The thing I always wondered is why would someone who hates heat wait until the only option is to go without an AC Compressor for some length of time.

The video below is some tips on AC Compressors for cars

1) June is the perfect month to get this done weather you plan on doing the installation yourself or let the Salvage yard you are working with do it. Must people will install the Ac Compressor themselves saving a few buck, but adding more pain in the long run.

2) Make sure if you are doing it yourself you do the research on what tools you need for your car, also evacuate the AC System before working on it. This info can be found on Google and instructional videos found on Youtube like the video above for your make and model.

3) Deal with Salvage yards you trust to get your Used AC Compressor from. Does the Salvage Yard you are dealing with offer a Used AC Compressor Warranty call them to find out and ask for details.

4) Make sure you have something to clean your hands with after the job is done like clean rags, Gojo or any other hand cleaner used for automotive grease.

5) Then all that’s left is to do is get the AC System Charged up, any good New York City Auto Salvage Yard knows someone they trust to install and charge the system for you.

Used Or New AC Compressors Installed to help you Beat the Heat Wave!!

If you need to contact  NYC Auto Salvage for any used parts or AC Compressor parts you can contact us at 1718-297-9797

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