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Vehicle System Parts: What You Need to Know for Safe Driving

Posted by on May 1, 2023 in AC Compressor, Air Ride Suspension, Cheap Used Auto Parts, Cheap Used Auto Parts NYC | Comments Off on Vehicle System Parts: What You Need to Know for Safe Driving

Vehicle suspensions ensure a smooth ride. This page discusses the system parts, their function, and maintenance.

The engine powers the wheels.

Brakes: Brakes are its main safety feature. The system properly distributes braking forces to the wheels, decreasing skidding and enhancing braking.

Battery: The battery provides power. A weak or dead battery can influence vehicle performance.

Suspension: The system’s major component connects the wheels to the vehicle’s body. Shock absorbers, struts, springs, control arms, and sway bars give stability and control.

Transmission: This is responsible for transferring power to the wheels. Problems can impair car handling.

Exhaust: The exhaust system eliminates exhaust and reduces emissions.

Fuel: The fuel system feeds, and any issues can impair vehicle performance.

Cooling: The cooling system prevents overheating. A failing cooling system can influence vehicle performance.

Interior: The driver and passengers sit inside. A clean interior can improve vehicle comfort and safety.

Steering: This system controls the vehicle’s wheels. The system evenly distributes forces to the wheels for stability and control.

Tires: Only the tires touch the road. A well-maintained system can maximize tire performance.

Oil: Lubrication parts with oil extend their longevity.

Alternator: The alternator powers the vehicle’s electronics. A faulty one can impact vehicle performance, especially the system.

Spark plugs: Spark plugs ignite fuel to generate power. Spark plugs maintenance improves performance.

Radiator: The radiator prevents engine overheating. A faulty radiator can influence vehicle performance.

Transmission: The transmission’s clutch provides smooth gear changes. A faulty clutch can influence car handling.

Drive belt: The drive belt delivers power to the alternator, water pump, and power steering. Damaged drive belts can compromise vehicle performance.

Brake pads: Friction slows or stops the vehicle. Brake pads maintenance improves vehicle safety and performance.

Air filter: The air filter keeps dirt and debris out of the engine. Maintenance improves performance.

Wheel bearings: Wheel bearings support and rotate wheels. Wheel bearing failure can influence vehicle handling.

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Why has the chip shortage affected the supply of new car parts?

Posted by on Jun 1, 2022 in AC Compressor, Aftermarket Parts, Cheap Used Auto Parts | Comments Off on Why has the chip shortage affected the supply of new car parts?

The article informs you why the chip shortage affects the supply of new car parts. The article tells you how having a shortage of chips hinders the manufacturing and production of new cars and other products that require microchips. The article also informs you that some components in cars, such as airbags, tires, engine parts, and lights, are either being switched or redesigned to use other electronics instead. Below are why the chip shortage has affected the supply of new car parts.

1. Many chips are required in a car part.

In a car, thousands of chips are required for the car to operate. The chips that make up these parts are very sensitive, so they must be installed with care. The more fragile the chip is, the more it increases the chances of damage if installed improperly. A not properly wrapped chip will have a higher chance of failing.

2. Most electronics manufacturers rely on chips to produce new cars.

Most electronics manufacturers and computer parts makers use chips to manufacture new computers, game consoles, and other products that require microchips. The shortage of chips has enabled other manufacturers to overcome a potential temporary hardware shortage.

3. Worldwide supply of semiconductors greatly affected by bad weather

A worldwide supply of semiconductors is affected by bad weather in many states such as new york, texas, and California. The shortage of chips affected the supply of new cars in many states due to the shortages of chip manufacturing in those states.

4. Most manufacturers rely on chips from only one source.

Most electronics manufacturers use specific chips from a single supplier for their products. The worldwide shortage of semiconductors has forced manufacturers to go elsewhere, hurting them financially.

The first reason the chip shortage affects the supply of new cars is that many chips are required in car auto parts. Second, most electronics manufacturers rely on chips to produce new cars. The third reason is that the worldwide supply of semiconductors is greatly affected by bad weather. The fourth and final reason is that most manufacturers rely on chips from only one source.

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Save Money on Auto Parts While Recycling — Used Auto Parts are the New Green

Posted by on Apr 3, 2013 in AC Compressor, Aftermarket Parts, Air Ride Suspension, Auto Upholstery Repair, Batteries, Cheap Used Auto Parts | 0 comments

Going “green” is all the rage, and while driving a car may not be the most environmentally friendly way to get around, you can still be part of the green solution. When your car breaks down, or parts need replacing, consider used auto parts instead of new auto parts, and save money while recycling. Discount used auto parts in Jamaica has a plethora of cheap auto parts at your disposal that are as good as new.

With the summer months coming, and potential vacation ideas swirling around in your head, you are probably looking to save some money when it comes to auto repairs.  Don’t let high auto cost repairs deter you from going on a trip, paying down debt, or paying of bills. Save money with cheap auto parts, while doing your part to contribute to a greener earth.

For more information on our used auto parts and what’s in stock, call Vinny – 718-297-9797, or visit us on Facebook and Twitter.


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Its Radiator And Ac Compressor Tune Up Time Again Get Your AC Checked Now!!

Posted by on Apr 1, 2012 in AC Compressor, Aftermarket Parts, Cheap Used Auto Parts, How To Change Radiators | 0 comments

Spring has sprung and summer is fast approaching. Now is the best time to get that AC compressor and radiators checked out. If they need repair its better to do it now for two reason shorter waits, less money and less sweat. If you car has no AC  it maybe be time to fix your car windows so the can roll down.


Five tips to getting your car ready for summer driving

Many things can go wrong during the summer, however people can avoid most of them with just a little maintenance and effort. Below we will list basic spring car repairs and maintenance actions you can take to tune up your car.

Dont Let This Be You, Get it done in the spring time!!

1) Get  AC Compressor checked out to make sure it works now is the best time. If you have no AC get the car windows repaired or replaced.

2) If your car is leaking radiator fluid then spring is a great time to handle this problem. Have your car radiator  checked out, repair or replaced.

3) Make sure you get an oil change for summer this is important, you change your oil every three month for a reason.

4) Radiator hoses should be checked and replaced if necessary. Always carry extra radiator houses clamps and fluids for the car and yourself.

5) Make sure to add Dry Gas to your fuel tank to keep your gas lines clear and the car running great.

Contact Vinny at NYC Auto Salvage to get your used car parts and get moving today 718-297-9797


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It’s Time To check Your AC Compressors For The Summer At NYC Auto Salvage

Posted by on May 25, 2011 in AC Compressor, How To Change Radiators, Junk Yard Jamaica NYC | 0 comments

Summer is here again and so is the heat, Not so bad if  you get  your car’s AC compressor is working fine. however if it is not working NYC Auto Salvage can help to Test your automobiles AC Compressor and Charge to make sure you are the coolest you can be while driving around this summer.


Ac Compressor

We will test your Ac compressor for leaks and to make sure it has a good enough charge to make it through the few summers. If you need a compressor we have plenty of quality used and new AC compressors for sale Cheap at our Jamaica NY Salvage Yard.

We can also look at your Cars radiator and thermostat to make sure it is ready to face the extreme heat that NYC dishes out year after year. Once you have all these things in check you can enjoy a stress free summer knowing your car is cool and so are you.

Call Vinny at NYC Auto Salvage for more information on Used AC Compressors and auto raditators 1718-297-9797

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5 Tips To An Easy Used Ac Compressor Installation

Posted by on Jun 11, 2010 in AC Compressor, Aftermarket Parts | 0 comments

During the summer months AC Compressors are in high demand. Most people will wait until the last minute to get this done and have to work through the very intense heat. The thing I always wondered is why would someone who hates heat wait until the only option is to go without an AC Compressor for some length of time.

The video below is some tips on AC Compressors for cars

1) June is the perfect month to get this done weather you plan on doing the installation yourself or let the Salvage yard you are working with do it. Must people will install the Ac Compressor themselves saving a few buck, but adding more pain in the long run.

2) Make sure if you are doing it yourself you do the research on what tools you need for your car, also evacuate the AC System before working on it. This info can be found on Google and instructional videos found on Youtube like the video above for your make and model.

3) Deal with Salvage yards you trust to get your Used AC Compressor from. Does the Salvage Yard you are dealing with offer a Used AC Compressor Warranty call them to find out and ask for details.

4) Make sure you have something to clean your hands with after the job is done like clean rags, Gojo or any other hand cleaner used for automotive grease.

5) Then all that’s left is to do is get the AC System Charged up, any good New York City Auto Salvage Yard knows someone they trust to install and charge the system for you.

Used Or New AC Compressors Installed to help you Beat the Heat Wave!!

If you need to contact  NYC Auto Salvage for any used parts or AC Compressor parts you can contact us at 1718-297-9797

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