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Save Money on Auto Parts While Recycling — Used Auto Parts are the New Green

Posted by on Apr 3, 2013 in AC Compressor, Aftermarket Parts, Air Ride Suspension, Auto Upholstery Repair, Batteries, Cheap Used Auto Parts | 0 comments

Going “green” is all the rage, and while driving a car may not be the most environmentally friendly way to get around, you can still be part of the green solution. When your car breaks down, or parts need replacing, consider used auto parts instead of new auto parts, and save money while recycling. Discount used auto parts in Jamaica has a plethora of cheap auto parts at your disposal that are as good as new.

With the summer months coming, and potential vacation ideas swirling around in your head, you are probably looking to save some money when it comes to auto repairs.  Don’t let high auto cost repairs deter you from going on a trip, paying down debt, or paying of bills. Save money with cheap auto parts, while doing your part to contribute to a greener earth.

For more information on our used auto parts and what’s in stock, call Vinny – 718-297-9797, or visit us on Facebook and Twitter.


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We Carry Brand New Air Ride Suspension Kits And Parts for sale

Posted by on Nov 11, 2010 in Aftermarket Parts, Air Ride Suspension | 0 comments

It’s a know fact that Air Ride Suspension on cars and trucks can make the overall ride of your automobile smoother and more comfortable But every thing come with a cost. Many years ago cars did not have Air Ride Suspension at all. Leaving room for only simple mechanical things to go wrong. Today we face many other issues with our automobiles like computers and  and parts resulting in down time and repair.

Below is a list of car and truck brands that used Air Ride Suspension pumps bags and parts.

Lincoln Navigator Air Ride Suspension

Ford Expedition  Air Ride suspension

Cadillac Escalade Air ride suspension

Mercedes air suspension

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